2 thoughts on “#PrayforParis”

  1. Thinking of all these innocent people who were killed and hurt because they were enjoying life really makes my heart ache :/ It’s so unbelievably sad and scary to think that this is the kind of world we live in… hope & strength to Paris and the world ❤

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    1. I agree … These events are always saddening and it’s become a world where news travels fast and thus a lot of sad , bad news affects souls nearly every day … Which is a great thing for people with good intention but a horrific thing for people with bad intention. Like f.bacon said : knowledge is power. And as we all know , knowledge can be abused or used for the greater good .. But most of all , the fact that people are victims of acts of hate , till this day , ever after history has shown time after time that hate never wins but only destroys and sets humanity back … People don’t seem to learn .. It’s a vicious circle and I hope it will be broken with the generations to come . Thx for ur comment Alex xxx


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