Nutrition | a beetroot, carrot & ginger energy booster

7 thoughts on “Nutrition | a beetroot, carrot & ginger energy booster”

  1. I’m addicted to juicing. It’s a staple in my household. Nothing like it for clearing ailments. Done for a week it can clear almost anything from the body.
    I’m sorry, I notice your support on my page and thank you. Petty hard for me to get into lipstick as I’m gendered the other way lol. I don’t mind kissing it off though so I may explore some of your tips for my wife. I like expensive things though so I usually just head to the most expensive make up bar and buy her things there as she shops around for bargains or trivial things lol. I have now become acquainted with Christian Diors range of mascara…. Damn. Once again, thanks for the support

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    1. Oh hi 😊 I agree, juicing can do some pretty amazing stuff when done with a balanced diet. Yes, I can see why lipsticks wouldn’t be up your alley, yes ! lol seems like you’re definitely on to good things if you’re picking Dior Mascara for your wife 😊 thank you for the message & dropping by ! Xx

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