Beauty | Review || Caudalie’s latest addition – Resveratrol Lift

17 thoughts on “Beauty | Review || Caudalie’s latest addition – Resveratrol Lift”

      1. Was just having a read through your reviews Hun. Was wondering if you have ever reviewed ActiDerm products. We are only available in the uk at the moment that’s all. Our company will be launching in America at the end of this year though. We are a French made Cosmeceutical company X feel free to take a peek X
        I’m sure we could arrange something if you would to review any X

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    1. Yes Caudalie is really good, have you seen the co-founder , Matilde Thomas ? When I saw her skin , knew that woman was on to something.. A bit like Paula Begoun. The proof’s in the pudding ! I’ve never tried the s.o.s quenching serum, though I like their their light moisturizer. Will check out the serum, I like hydrating serums pre , during and post travel. Find them to be a skin savior ! Thanks for dropping by and sharing xxx

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  1. Great lost! I started being really into skincare around the same age and dumped a ton of money on it! I love the brand you picked, I started out with Origins because I like how they were so natural.

    Then I moved on to more expensive brands thinking they would be better, why else would it cost 200 bucks for such a small bottle? But I didn’t see *any* difference, so now I’m back to Origins. 🙂

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    1. Yes origins has some really good products ! I agree about some overpriced brands , some of the really popular ones just made me break out on several occasions. It’s definitely more about ingredients and well formulated formulas than packaging when it comes to skincare. Thanks for sharing some insight 😊 xx


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