Beauty | Review | | Estee Lauder’s latest BB Cream

13 thoughts on “Beauty | Review | | Estee Lauder’s latest BB Cream”

      1. I just saw the shades on The medium to deep will be way too dark for me. I’ll check if light to medium will be a match – looks fine though. Does it cover anything ? Because that was the main downside of this estee lauder bb cream for me. Not so much the shade but the fact that it doesn’t offer any coverage – none. I like multitasking products … 🙂 can you tell ? Lol



      2. Personally I use it instead of my regular foundation & moisturizer, it’s not full coverage but still it covers quite well my acne scars and discoloration 🙂


      1. Okay! I’m glad that you posted about it. I used to use EL foundations exclusively before I started playing around. Part of the reason I started trying out other brands was because they didn’t have one with a good SPF. I love their regular SPF. It’s pricey, but I love its scent. I need to see if they’re still carrying it. Thanks for the reminder, LOL.

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