Beauty | Review || Dior Rouge Baume

6 thoughts on “Beauty | Review || Dior Rouge Baume”

  1. Bonjour! It’s fun to read about Dior’s hydrating lipstick. It sounds similar to Chanel’s Shines, though more pigmented. I’m going to check these out for sure. Nuit Rose is very pretty!! And, you’ll love the new Rouge Coco formula!! It’s very easy to wear with great pigmentation.
    A bientôt!! Bisous.

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  2. Bonjour ! I’m glad you liked the shade . You are right , it’s similar to Chanel’s Shine . Pigmentation wise it’s a bit similar to Shine intense ( probably slightly less pigmented ) . I’m looking forward to trying the newly formulated rouge coco – great to know you approve of it 🙂 . Enjoy the rest of your day , et oui, a bientot j’espere. Bisous


  3. I haven’t tried the lip treatment, but I do have Rouge Dior in 743 Zinnia (same packaging that you show), this is the only lipstick that I have found that delivers gorgeous long-lasting color without drying out my lips one bit.

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    1. I tried Rouge Dior a few months back and you are so right, it’s very long lasting and the pigmentation is gorgeous ! So are all the colours. Dior does lipsticks well ! Thank you for sharing and reading 🙂 xx


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